14 Warning Signs You Are Just An Option To Him…

Relationships are hard. Period. It is not all fluff as you’d expect it to be, it is real, where you have to deal with complex creatures unlike your fictional crush (sigh). Being in a relationship changes us in many ways. We come to believe that adjustments and compromise are essential elements that sustain a long term relationship. Even though that is true, we tend to forget our worth eventually and stop noticing the changes that can prove to be fatal.

How many times have you put your partner’s needs before yours? And it is only human that you’d expect the same. But do you feel that you are a priority in your beloved’s life? Sometimes we lie to ourselves and live in denial rather than face the bitter truth. Stop. You do not deserve to be an option in someone’s life.


Do you feel like you are talking to a wall? Does your partner ask you about your life? If they never inquire about your dreams and aspirations or want to know how your family is doing, it shows sheer lack of interest, which is never healthy. If they truly cared then they would definitely pay more attention.

Do you see hesitation on the part of your partner when it comes to you two being together? Excuses show that they are not interested in being in a committed relationship. They have taken you for granted.

Does your partner avoid meeting you in public or spend quality time? Is it always about staying in and avoiding to be seen in public with you? If your partner avoids doing anything social like as going to a party, dining out or simply going for a movie date, it is surely a red flag.

You always give in. All the sacrifices are on your part and they get what they want.
There are times you want a break because you are unhappy, and every time you find yourself not leaving because your partner knows perfectly well how to act to change your mind. Once the matter is supposedly settled, they will go back to what they are because nothing changed.

They never respond to your call or texts. Stop making excuses like “he must be out with his friends” or “she must be working”. If you are a priority, they will respond no matter what.

Do you feel that your partner is acting shady? Like he is trying his best to hide something? Then he probably is.

You people never seem to make future plans. This shows they don’t see a future with you.

You are always going out of your way to help them or are always there at a moment’s notice when they need you, but it is never reciprocated. They are never around during tough times.

Does your significant other seem to be bored when you both are spending time together? They may make you feel like they have better things to do than sit with you. This kind of an attitude is a red alert for sure.

They have told you that they are seeing other people simultaneously.

Do you often catch your partner lying about trivial things? Or escaping from difficult situations? It may seem insignificant at times but can add up to a worse situation.

Ask yourself: are you happy? Does being in a relationship make you sad, depressed, de-motivated? Then run away from your partner because they make you feel terrible about yourself.

If you have a feeling that you are being used, then it is likely so. Trust your gut and don’t let anyone treat you like trash. You are important. Be alert and make the right choice.

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