8 Unfortunate Signs That He Doesn’t Love You

Anxiety can be a struggle to deal with. But you can’t help but feel anxious. You’re already deeply in love with him and you imagine yourself having a long and happy future with him. You are deeply invested in him and you so desperately want to be able to make a relationship work between the two of you. However, you aren’t entirely sure as to whether he feels the same way or not. And that can be a struggle.

You hate all of the uncertainty. It’s just eating away at your insides. You hate how you’re not able to tell whether he loves you or not. You hate that you don’t know if he’s just as into you as you are into him. You want to be able to take this relationship to the next level. But you don’t know if he sees things the same way. And you don’t want to be making a fool for yourself. You don’t want to become more invested in a guy who obviously has no interests in being with you.

But he isn’t opening up about how he feels. He isn’t really talking to you about his feelings. He doesn’t really discuss where he stands on an emotional level with regards to you. And it’s just wreaking havoc on your sanity.

However, it’s not all bad. It’s not completely hopeless. There is still a way for you to tell whether he’s in love with you or not. And you don’t have to force the information out of him at all. You just have to stay mindful of the way that he’s acting around you. You just have to be vigilant of the ways that he conducts himself with you.

You have to consider it to be a very real possibility that he just doesn’t love you. And whenever that’s the case, it’s okay for you to grieve. It’s okay for you to feel sad. But you shouldn’t force the issue. You need to accept the fact that he doesn’t love you and that you should try to move on to someone else. There really is no point in you just feeling sorry for yourself. There’s nothing good that can come from you just wallowing in your own self-pity.

If you notice that he does these things listed here, then it’s likely that he doesn’t love you and you should just move on to someone who does.

1. He doesn’t make you feel like you can trust him.

He never really makes you feel like you can rely on him to always be there for you. He doesn’t exhibit the consistency, stability, or the security that you need to feel like you can depend on him in your relationship.

2. He doesn’t make you feel like you’re good enough.

He doesn’t make you feel like you’re good enough. He never really gives you the confidence that you need to feel safe in a relationship with him.

3. He ignores your needs and desires.

You are always feeling left out when it comes to your needs and desires. He doesn’t really give you the feeling that he cares about meeting your personal expectations in the relationship.

4. He doesn’t make an effort to listen to you.

He doesn’t make any efforts to listen to you or pay attention to you. You never really feel safe about expressing yourself to him because he doesn’t make you feel welcome to do so. You are afraid of feeling judged or criticized for what you have to say.

5. He doesn’t participate in making plans for the future.

He doesn’t really try to make plans for the future in your relationship. He doesn’t actively participate in making long-term plans with you because he doesn’t see your relationship lasting long enough for it to matter. He doesn’t really seem invested in making your relationship last at all.

6. He only ever cares about sex.

He only ever really cares about having sex with you. He’s just interested in getting physically intimate with you. But when it comes to all of the emotional stuff, he doesn’t really try to make any efforts on that front at all.

7. He never really buys you anything.

He doesn’t really buy you anything in your relationship. He doesn’t offer to pay for dates. He doesn’t buy you special gifts on special occasions. He doesn’t feel willing to shell out any extra cash for the relationship at all. Not to say that gifts are important in a relationship. But it goes to show just how much (or how little) he thinks of you.

8. He hasn’t introduced you to his friends or family.

He isn’t really taking you seriously. He isn’t really interested in having you meet the important people in his life. He doesn’t really think that you’re sticking around long enough for you to serve as an important fixture within his social circle. That’s why he doesn’t even bother to introduce you to them in the first place.

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