20 Obvious Signs He Likes You

In this article, you will discover some answers to your long-awaited question of obvious signs he likes you and also subtle signs he likes you more than a friend and some of the most common ways a man is likely to show you he loves you, without saying it out loud. Pay attention to the signs.

When a man truly cares about you, he will try to make eye contact as often as possible. While out with friends at your favorite bar or club, you will oftentimes see him glancing at you from across the room, exchanging brief gazes, most likely smiling while he’s doing it.

This is code for him wanting you to know that he cares about you, even when you are both engaged in different activities.

1. He’ll Take A Teasing For You

One of the most undeniable signs that he likes you is he’s not afraid to be earnest about his affection for you even if it gets him teased.

We’re often worried that our friends or our family are going to taunt us for being too affectionate with the woman we like. When he stops caring about that, you know he’s really started caring about you.

2. He Always Downloads His Day With You

A man who likes you will automatically become a chatterbox whenever he’s with you. He calls you around six o’clock after work to tell you about his day because you’re the one he wants to share his news with. This is one of the great signs he likes you.

3. He Gets “Scrappy” With His Time

He finds time to see you even when it’s not convenient. Now, I’m not saying he finds a day to see you or even three hours to see you, but when a man likes you, he will cobble together whatever time he has from the scraps just to be able to get 15 minutes to say hi to you.

I’m not talking about the hookup right now. I’m talking about his desire just to see your face. When he likes you, he makes it happen. Now you know the “are we more than friends signs question” has been answered.

4. Long Kisses

obvious signs he likes you

This is one of the signs a friend likes you romantically. If you notice his signs of physical affection include long, passionate kisses, that he initiates – this is definitely a sign he is really into you. Kiss and smile.

Speaking about kissing, if you look at him right after a kiss and you see a huge grin on his face, he definitely really cares about you, that smile is one of the subtle signs he likes you more than a friend and he has true feelings for you.

5. All Of His Friends Love You

Or at least you notice they are genuinely warming up to you, and showing signs they like your company and presence. Needless to say, it’s likely in part because of your personality, but, oftentimes, your boyfriend’s friends will start to dig you, only after noticing just how happy their boy is ever since he started dating you.

He invites you to meet his family and friends. This is a pretty big one, when a man invites you to meet his loved ones and the people he cares about; he very likely really loves you.

If you’ve made your way into his inner circle, you’ve likely made your way into his heart also. This is one of the Undeniable signs that he likes you.

6. Active Listening

signs he likes you more than a friend

I love this part, in case you are guessing, this is absolutely one of the obvious signs he likes you. If your boyfriend tends to listen to you closely when you talk about your day at work or the dress you bought for the party you will both be attending next weekend, chances are he truly cares about you.

Close and active listening is a huge sign of love. Men who are not interested in anything more than getting you into bed are less likely to maintain interest during a conversation.

If you see him closely listening, nodding and leaning in to get closer to you while you speak, the guy is definitely a keeper, he loves you.

7. It’s Showtime…After Making Love

Another shocker in the list of undeniable signs that he likes you is here. Let this one sink in—he wants to go to the movies with you after making love.

Most guys will take women on dates, go to movies, go to dinners before they make love and then they wake up and they’re like, “Okay, now leave, please. I want to go and be with my friends.” When you wake up with a guy and he’s like, “Hey, you, with the crazy hair, let’s go see a movie,” he likes you.

8. He Likes To Get Involved

He doesn’t just wait for you to cook dinner, but he actively helps you shop for groceries, cook, clean, and wash the dishes afterwards.

Even if he isn’t a good cook, he will chop onion, grill vegetables, and make sure he helps you in any possible way he can around the kitchen and the house. These are signs that he sees you as more than just a love making buddy or someone he is casually dating.

9. He Squeezes Your Hand

If he gently squeezes your hand while walking, without even making eye contact, you can rest assured you mean a lot to him.

Plus, if he isn’t into kissing and hugging in public, but he uses this hand-squeezing technique a lot, this is his subtle way of telling you he loves you. Think of those little hand squeezes as bursts of love.

10. He Becomes More Interested In Your Day To Day Life

When he starts calling and texting you just to see what you’re doing and how your day has been, without the conversation leading to love making, this shows that he really cares about you and is genuinely interested in your life. (No man calls a booty call to see how her day went).

So in case you are still searching for undeniable signs that he loves you, we just found another one.

11. He Wants To Pamper You

He may call you and ask have you eaten yet, or if you need anything from the store. This shows that he really cares about your well-being and wants you to be happy, a definite sign that he really loves you. No man pays this type of attention to a woman he doesn’t have feelings for.

He wants to spend time with you. When a man wants to spend a significant portion of his time with you, and this time is spent doing more than just making love, maybe he wants to take you to a movie, take you out to dinner, and at the end of the date he’s not looking for anything in return, this is a sign that he really enjoys your company. That he values you as a person and more than just a love making object.

12. He Touches You Unexpectedly

If your boyfriend touches your arm, shoulders, or back spontaneously, this is a sign that he wants to make sure you are close to him. His desire is to keep physical, non-sensual contact whenever he can.

He could do this by placing his hand atop of yours while waiting for dinner at a restaurant, or putting his palm on your back while walking. The gesture might seem totally random, but this guy knows what he’s doing, and what he’s trying to express.

13. He Picks Spending Time With You Over Spending Time With His Friends

When your man starts picking spending time with you over spending time with his friends this is a sure sign that he has fallen for you. However, once again I must say, this only applies if this extra time is spent doing more than just making love.

Your list of undeniable signs he loves you should be complete now but let’s look at more below.

14. He’s Not Afraid To Be Himself

How does he act around you? It’s important to notice if he’s relaxed and himself when he’s with you. If he isn’t afraid to do all the silly, and often strange things most people keep private, it’s safe to say he trusts you. There’s no better way to show that he cares for you deeply than to be so open with you.

15. He Tries To Comfort You When You’re Down

When you have a bad day, or you’re dealing with a stressful situation, and he puts a lot of effort into cheering you up and making you feel better, this shows that he really cares about you and wants to see you happy.

16. He’s Interested In Your Opinion

When your man wants you to choose the activities you do together, or he starts asking where you would like to go, or what you would like to eat, this shows that he cares about your feelings.

When a man truly loves a woman he wants to make sure she’s happy above all, and he will begin to ask her opinion on things to make sure of it.

17. He Finds You Extremely Funny

subtle signs he likes you more than a friend

And, truth be told, you’re probably not the female version of Kevin Hart. Sure you’re funny, but the way your boyfriend laughs when he’s around you shows that his level of interest in you is high.

The funnier he thinks you are, the more involved and committed he wants to be.

18. He Mimics You

If you notice he synchronizes his steps or food bites with yours, or if he wears t-shirts with the same color as your shirt or dress when going out together, he is definitely mirroring your behaviour.

A subconscious body language tendency known as Isopraxism is responsible for this. Isopraxism leads us to copy, emulate, and repeat the actions and mannerisms of people we like and adore. This tendency is most often exhibited by loving couples and close friends.

19. He Gives You Small, But Meaningful Gifts

They say that diamonds are a girls best friend. However, receiving a new alarm clock to help you stop oversleeping and being late for work in the morning means a lot more than an expensive bracelet when it comes from a man.

Think about it. Jewelry is an expensive gift that guys give to their mistresses and their wives just the same. Therefore, rings and necklaces are not exactly the most meaningful gifts when you’re trying to identify if he loves you or not.

Instead of looking for the expensive and fancy, I want you to pay close attention to the small but meaningful.

Receiving a small gift, that has meaning exclusively to you is a sign that your man actually understands your needs and wants, and he cares enough to try to satisfy them, this is one of the best undeniable signs that he likes you.

Final Notes On Signs He Likes You

Are you currently in a relationship? Do any of these subtle signs he likes you more than a friend resonate well with you? Let me know in the comment section your personal encounter with any of the above-mentioned signs he likes you.

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