10 Crazy Facts That You Wish You Knew Earlier

Humans have made so much development over the past decades that it is impossible for everyone to know everything. Some people might know more than others but nobody can claim that they know everything, such as these facts. Read on to find out what you don’t know.

#Fact 1

Hippopotamuses secrete an oily liquid also known as “blood sweat” that turns the milk to a baby pink color. This is from their mucus gland as they have no sweat gland.

#Fact 2

Honey never goes bad and almost never goes wrong. 10 years into its botteling, it’s still safe to eat, just heat it up to remove the crystallizations.

#Fact 3

Found mostly in the Mediterranean Sea and the waters of Japan, the “Turritopsis Nutricula” is a jellyfish; the only known life form that is immortal. If injured or threatened, it can literally hit the reset button and slip back to the earlier development stages if injured or threatened.

#Fact 4

Weighing around 1300 lb , the heart of a blue whale is so gigantic that a human being can actually swim through its arteries. It is the size of a small hatchback. It beats at a rate of 8- 10 beats per minute. The heartbeat can be heard from over two miles away.

#Fact 5

Despite having a huge heart its throat is as big as a saucer. During feeding time, it swallows massive volumes of water, which then passes through baleen plates trapping tiny food in them. Summer is the peak season when blue whales can feed up to 4 tones or more food every day. That’s 40 million krill a day.

#Fact 6

There are around 1.6 million ants per human being in the world. The combined overall weight of all these ants and all the humans on the planet is equal. Ants being a biologically strong species have conquered the entire world. Ants are as old as dinosaurs and have survived the mass extinction some 65 million years ago.

#Fact 7

An octopus carries three hearts. It is famous as the “Escape master” due to this particular characteristic.It can squeeze through the tiniest hole and flee. Two hearts pump blood to the gills, while the third one circulates it around the body.

#Fact 8

Feng shui was about finding the correct spot for a grave.Chinese believed the location of the grave is important in order to pass positive energy flow from the deceased to the living family members. It was part of Chinese funeral traditions.
#Fact 9

It rains ‘Diamonds’ on Saturn and Jupiter. There is a high amount of crystal carbon present in the atmosphere of these planets. The biggest of them would be a centimetre in size, but big enough to make a ring. Huge lightning storms turns methane into soot(carbon) which then falls down turning into lumps of graphite and then diamond.

#Fact 10

If Jupiter and Moon were the equal distance from the Earth this is how our blue sky would look like. Rather much scary! Immense asteroids will attack Earth and it will destroy in no time.The gravitational pull alone will produce massive waves around the Earth’s oceans which will sweep the land away

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