Is Your Body Full of Toxic Metals? Here Are The Signs to Watch For!

If there is one thing that’s more dangerous for your body than sugar, it’s heavy metals. We don’t know it, but we consume heavy metals on a daily basis. They can be found in many processed foods, and no matter how hard you try to eat healthy food, you just cannot escape the environment. We’re exposed to heavy metals, like mercury, lead, and aluminum, on a daily basis. Not just from the air we breathe, but also from the water we drink.Our body has a natural system for flushing out toxins—the liver works constantly trying to eliminate them. But if your diet is high in heavy metals, or you live in a heavily polluted area, your liver just cannot catch up. When we absorb these toxins, they tend to accumulate and build up inside our body. The result is toxicity. Here are 10 signs your body uses to tell you your toxin build up is high.


One of the first symptoms of exposure to a large amount of heavy metals is nausea. Your body has a hard time processing the metals, and if your heavy metal poisoning is acute, nausea will become a complementary symptom.


Every time you have nausea as a symptom, vomiting is what follows. Your body is trying hard to get rid of the toxins and heavy metals. But that isn’t easy. As a result, vomiting is your body’s way of telling you that flushing the toxins will be harder than expected.


Long-term exposure to heavy metals, and then ignoring the problem, leads to constant headaches. When toxins build up in your body, you simply don’t function properly. Headaches occur every time your body doesn’t function as it should. It is just the brain’s response to change something in your lifestyle.

Skin problems

Toxins and heavy metal poisoning affect so many different aspects of your body. Your skin suffers as well. We all know that toxins have a harmful effect on the skin, but just how much? Well, in terms of heavy metal toxicity, rashes are a common symptom. Other skin problems can develop as well, such as wrinkles and acne.

Difficulty breathing

Because your body is having a hard time flushing out the toxins, almost all of your systems suffer. The respiratory system is one that’s under heavy pressure, and as a result, you’ll experience difficulty breathing. Usually, this happens as a result of mercury poisoning.


As mentioned previously, metal toxicity affects the brain as well, which is why you experience headaches. But you can also suffer from memory loss. You will be confused, and suffer many neurological problems like irritability.

Cramping and abdominal pain

The reproductive system is also affected. You probably know by now that inflammation in the gut is the root of all problems. When your body is affected by heavy toxins, they cause damage to all of the organs in your stomach. The result is abdominal pain which you can’t identify.

Night sweats

There are two ways your body flushes out toxins. The first one is through the urine. The second is through sweating. Therefore, you should expect night sweats and excessive sweating for no reason. Your body is trying to tell you that the toxin flushing process is not going as planned.


I mentioned that heavy metal toxicity will affect all organs in the abdominal area. Most of them belong to the digestive system. Toxicity will often cause an upset stomach, which manifests as diarrhea and constipation.

Joint and muscle pain

Unlike healthy foods, toxins don’t provide your body with energy. Instead, they take away your energy. Weakness is a classic symptom of toxicity, but that weakness will be accompanied by joint and muscle pain.

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