These Things That Men Find Ugly In a Woman. See This for #11

Both men and women find these things repulsive, rather than attractive. There are rules, and then there are men-of-rules when it comes on things that men don’t prefer in women.

  1. Putting on way too much makeup: We all know that women don’t put on makeup to impress men rather they do it to satisfy their own self. But sometimes when they put too much makeup on, it looks unattractive and puts men away. So ladies, always remember excess of everything is bad.


  1. Over-Confidence: Confidence is a good thing. It helps you unleash your true abilities but sometimes, when confidence goes way beyond the line, it seems like show off. So overconfidence and pride is also not adored by men.


  1. Inability to make a healthy conversation: This is a major issue and men complain a lot about it. Relationships start with making a good conversation and talking about interests but some women fail to lead the conversation and this puts off men.


  1. Poor Hygiene: This is equally applicable for both men and women. No one appreciates carelessness regarding personal hygiene.


  1. Trashing about Ex: Talking about your ex is the thing that men hate the most, even if you are trashing about him. The fact is that, you trashing about him shows that he is way over your head. So you should never discuss your Ex with your man.
  1. Not Being Needy but Being Way Too Needy: Who doesn’t like to be wanted by someone but there is a limit between loving and being desperate. If you are being way too needy, that can also put off men.


  1. Those Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny yet Annoying Traits: Sometimes being childish and cute seems adorable but being childish all the time looks weird. So you should avoid being childish all the time and try to be serious at times.


  1. Way Too Turned Up: No one likes a woman who loses her shit when it comes to critical situations and starts cursing and abusing people. So stay calm and try to keep your shit together when it comes to a fight.


  1. Miss Know It All here: No one likes a woman is overconfident and way too proud of herself. So stop it, and stop being bossy all the time.


  1. The Invincible Woman: Again when it comes to pride, men hate it. A women who thinks she knows everything and is invincible is never adored by men. You should learn to avoid acting like the invincible woman.

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