Lowering Your Uric Acid Level In Blood With 10 Effective Ways

Lowering Your Uric Acid Level In Blood With 10 Effective Ways!

Uric acid presents in human blood which is produced from purines. These purines made in the body and also due to a certain diet. According to the researchers in the medical field, about 2/3 of the uric is produced due to purines. Simple is that excess uric acid is harmful to the body.

The uric acid is gathered in the joints then health issues begin. The uric acid level in a healthy body is 6 ms/dl to avoid health problems. You can not the natural phenomenon of the production of uric acid. But you can control the excessive production of uric acid because of diet.

10 Easy Ways Of Lifestyle For Lowering Your Uric Acid Level In Blood

  1. Vitamin C
  2. Fiber Rich Diet
  3. Go For Antioxidant Packed Meals
  4. Take More Fluid For Better Flushing
  5. Take Berries And Cherries
  6. Consume Celery Seeds
  7. Balance Eating Habits
  8. Prevent Bakery Items
  9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  10. Medicines For Instant Uric Acid Reduction

1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C has many benefits for the human body like an immunity booster. This vitamin also reduces the quantity of uric acid in the blood. According to doctors take 500 mg of Vitamin C for a period of 2 months would bring down a uric level in the blood of your body.

2. Fiber Rich Diet

Taking a healthy quantity of fiber in the daily routine will eliminate toxins from the body through excretory organs in our body. For fibers, you can consume diets like fruits, vegetables, oats, and other grains. These fibers will help you to absorb excessive uric acid from the blood then eliminate that from the human body easily.

3. Go For Antioxidant Packed Meals

Antioxidants work in the human body against free radicals and also help to prevent aging signs. These antioxidant-rich natural vegetables and fruits like bell peppers, barriers, and other fruits will eliminate all these uric from blood and make safe our organs from damage.

4. Take More Fluid For Better Flushing

In the human body, there is a natural phenomenon exist in the body in the form of urine. If urine discharge is smooth and easily then uric acid level remains on a healthy level. You must intake around 3 to 4 liters of fluid to flush out uric acid from the body. These fluids are of the form of water, juices, fresh juices, milk-shakes, and other available drinks. Adding more sugar in the juices will reduce the positive impact of this way of cure.

5. Take Berries And Cherries:

Berries and cherries are natural fruits which are full of antioxidant. These antioxidants will be used to eliminate uric acid from the body. Especially cherries contain such chemical compounds that have the ability to neutralize the uric acid level in the blood. Want to get the full result of these fruits then you should take these fruits on a daily bases with limited quantity.

6. Consume Celery Seeds:

If your body is suffering from the issues of rheumatism, gout, and arthritis then celery seeds and its roots are effective to treat these kinds of issues easily. The Celery is a urinary antiseptic and useful to improve the urinary system also. These celery plants and its seeds are being used in various herbal medicines for many years. You can intake fresh celery also in the form of salads in your daily routine meals.

7. Balance Eating Habits:

Your eating style and habit is directly linked with your body’s uric acid level. Taking fast foods and foods that are full of oil and spices also may be started this problem for you. In this way, consuming a low purine diet may be useful to control the future gout attacks. Make a whole plan of your eating and exercise. This plan will help you to control the uric acid level in the body.

8. Prevent Bakery Items:

Bakery items are full of saturated and Trans fats. These fats are not good for the health of the body. The quantity of fiber is less in these bakery items so create problems in the digestion process. The fats that remain undigested would be converted into uric acid and generate various problems.

9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

The production of uric acid is because of rancid fats which produce with the consumption of oil and butter in large quantities. The simple way is to limits the consumption of cold pressed extra virgin olive oil will help you to remain healthy.

10. Medicines For Instant Uric Acid Reduction:

The above-explained methods are mostly for the prevention of gout problems and that person should follow this recommendation on a daily bases. But these methods may not work as fast as medicines when the disease is at a higher stage. In this case, you must contact your family doctor or some specialist. This medication will get down the uric acid levels and will solve the problems.


The uric acid level in the blood of the body is becoming a common issue these days. Some major problems are bad eating habits and irregular sleeping habits. Another alarming issue of taking interest in fast food and become the big reason of uric acid level in the blood of the body. More intake of fatty and sodium-rich food may be the cause of this problem.

Take care of yourself and look after your daily exercise and eating routine. Make changes according to your doctor and live a healthy life. If the cure is not done at the right time this disease will become chronic and stay there in a different form for a lifetime.

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