7 Weird Things That Increase The Risk Of Cancer

We all know the basics for avoiding cancer – don’t smoke, apply sunscreen, avoid red meat and keep away from air pollution. However, there are things that increase the risk of it, but don’t get a lot of attention. Check out these 7 things that increase the risk of cancer.

1. Hot tea

Drinking tea might seem as a good way to deal with stress. In addition, green tea can even reduce the risk of cancer. However, you have to wait for it to cool drinking hot tea can increase the risk of alimentary canal cancer.

2. Sitting

One way to avoid cancer is to move around. Physical activity is closely related to reducing the risk of the most common cancers, including lung, intestine and breast ones.

3. Tallness

Taller people have greater chances of getting sick compared to shorter. According to a 2018 research, every 10 cm increase the risk of cancer for 10%. Even though it is not clear how they are connected, researchers believe that it is because taller people have more cells which can become cancerous.

4. Barbeque smoke

Summer barbeques are not as innocent as they seem. People that sit very close to the barbeque might inhale the dangerous chemicals from the smoke. These chemicals are cancerous. As well as inhaling it, it is also bad for this smoke to come in contact with the skin. Therefore, you should cover the barbeque, sit further away from it and dress better.

5. Breast implants

According to research, women with certain breast implants might face a rare kind of lymphoma. This is not breast cancer, but it is generated in the cells of the immune system. However, the overall risk is quite small. Out of 7.000 women that have implants, only 1 might face this disease by the age of 75.

6. Alcohol

Clinking glasses might not be the best idea. Researchers have estimated that about 5% of new cancer cases and 6% of death cases are directly connected to alcohol consumption. Researchers pointed out the even moderated drinking might increase the chances of getting sick.

7. Being overweight

Increased body weight might increase the risk of over 10 cancers. In one research, among fat and overweight people the risk of getting sick was double, especially for alimentary canal, stomach, liver and kidney cancer.

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